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Mobile Check In

You can check in before you get to church and touchless print the name labels for your family.

The first step is to download the Calvary Westlake app from either the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad or the Google Play Store for Android phones.  

Set-up steps after loading the app and choosing the silhouette icon in the top right corner and the Sign in option: 

1. Enter your mobile number
2. Press Send Code
3. Enter the code received via text
4. Press Next

When you are ready to use the app from home or in the car before arriving at church:

1. Press Check-in
2. Select the name(s) of those being checked-in
3. Select the desired event
4. Press Done
5. After everyone has been selected, press Next
6. Hold the barcode under the scanner at a check-in station for touchless printing of your name labels.

The Security pick-up code is now on your phone (and any other family member’s phone using the Calvary Westlake app) in addition to the printed pick-up t

Still have questions or want assistance? Send and email to databasemanager@calvarywestlake.org.