Youthful Pride – May 9, 2023

Tuesday, May 9th

Devotional written by Stephen Millage, Director of Elementary Ministries




To read today: Psalm 1


Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked… but whose delight is in the law of the LORD.

Psalm 1:1-2





Yesterday, we read the story of Rehoboam, the young king who allowed his pride to lead him astray. Here at Calvary, one of our hopes for 2030 is to be a church that “Decisively empowers our next generation.” With that hope in mind, it is easy to read the story of Rehoboam and think of him as a young teen or 20-year-old ruler. However, Rehoboam was crowned the king at 41 years old. This coincides with our 2030 Vision to “empower the next generation.” No matter how old or young we are, there is always a generation before us and a generation to come after us. And “youthful” pride is always lurking around the corner. Psalm 1 speaks to the goal of our lives that we would be a people who “delight in the law of the LORD, and meditate on His law day and night.”

Rehoboam’s decision to double the workload of the people of Israel ultimately led to the division of the kingdom. This division caused great strife and conflict between the two kingdoms and weakened Israel. The northern tribes rebelled against him and established their kingdom, while Rehoboam was left with only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. It reminds us of the far-reaching consequences of our actions, especially when they are motivated by pride and selfishness. As “young” people, we must remember that our choices affect us and those around us. Let us strive to make decisions that honor God and build up those around us rather than tearing them down.

Reflection: Find a way this week to encourage someone younger than you and find someone older than you to seek counsel or wisdom.




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