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Young Adults Next Steps

Young adults next steps

Are you ready to take your next step?


If you would like to serve or have a particular skill or passion that you want to put to use.


If you have made a decision to follow Jesus — put your faith in his death, burial and resurrection and what that means for your life — and not been baptized before, then perhaps this is your next step.

The next Baptisms in Young Adults are:

October 21

Small Groups

If you are interested in growing in your relationship with God and living and loving like Jesus, you need a group of people on that journey with you. God made us for relationships, to support, encourage, and correct one another. If you don’t have a person or group of people to study the Scripture, pray together, and be mutually encouraged by, then consider joining a small group.

For more information on small groups, email Sarah Czerwinski at sarah.czerwinski@calvarywestlake.org.


Israel Trip


The unique and novel experience of a short-term mission trip can have a powerful impact on our understanding and experience of following Jesus. Stepping out of our regular routine and everyday surroundings often gives us a fresh perspective on God and what it is to love him and to love others – changing the way we see and serve our neighbors and expanding our understanding of the Kingdom of God.


If you want to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God and the Christian life this is a great next step. This is not just an academic pursuit — it is holistic and practical experiential learning to walk with God and living and loving like Jesus done in community with others.