With Us In Life November 30, 2022

Wednesday, November 30th

Advent Devotional #4 written by Pastor Shawn Thornton


With Us In Life


To read today: Romans 8:31-39


He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

Romans 8:32



The word “wonder” in Hebrew means “miracle.” A miracle is something we cannot do for ourselves. There is a long history of the Jewish people experiencing miracles from God. Some of the greatest moments in Jewish history were when God did something miraculous that no one could explain – like parting the Red Sea, making city walls collapse, or even raising people from the dead.

Whenever something wonderful like this happened, it was a sign that God was with them. The Gospels record lots of stories about the miracles Jesus did while he was alive on earth. People at that time understood that these miracles were a way for God to show his power and love for them. God entered their lives miraculously to help them through their challenges – he met them miraculously, or wonderfully, in their time of need.

Isaiah reminds us in his prophecy (Isaiah 9:6) that Jesus will be our “Wonderful Counselor.” Paul tells us in Romans 8:32 that God’s miraculous gesture to us was the gift of his Son. Christmas is more than lights, parties, and carols. Christmas, with all its various facets, should cause us to consider the wonder of God and his incredible plan to send His son for us. Jesus was sent to save us AND to walk miraculously and wondrously with us in our daily lives.

As humans, we love to explore and fulfill our curiosities for the new and never-before-seen. How many times have you wanted to escape on a vacation or get out of town when you were stressed and overwhelmed? Throughout the Bible, wonder caused God’s people to worship and see how God related to their lives.

The more you read the Scriptures you will see how Jesus’ story comes to life in your story. He becomes “wonderful” to you in a deep and personal way. The longer you have a relationship with Jesus, the more you will experience Him as your “Wonderful Counselor.” He will walk with you through the hardest of times. He will never abandon you.

For Today: Think about your story and how you came to know Jesus as your Savior. Thank God that Jesus’ story became your wonderful story.





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