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Westlake worship

Welcome to westlake worship

Westlake Worship is a revolving line up of worship leaders, writers, and musicians. Born out of the Young Adults ministry at Calvary Community Church, our worship team saw and recognized that there were many in our community who had both the gift of creating and the hunger for a deeper level of worship. Both worship leaders and musicians on our team have come together to bring scripture to life in new and exciting ways. We create music by pulling from our varied experiences and backgrounds, using sounds that make up the musical DNA of our artists and pushing the boundaries of what worship can sound like. These songs are written from our own testimonies of how God has moved, we pray they bless others and lead people into His presence. 

Westlake Worship is rooted deeply in a few concepts that guide both our team and how we create music. These are all scripturally based and what we believe to be the calling of the Holy Spirit. The first is that we are called to “Sing a new song…” as Psalms 96:1 tells us. We believe the Holy Spirit is constantly inspiring new ways to give glory to the One who deserves it. The second is that we know as followers of Christ, we are called to share the Light we are given with those around. While reading Christ’s teaching in Matthew 5:14-15; we had to ask ourselves “If we have been blessed with these songs, why shouldn’t we share those songs so that others might share in those blessings too?”

Lastly, this music is made with the intention to bring glory to God by serving all people as 1 Peter 4:8-11 has called us to do. It is to both edify the church and inspire breakthrough and freedom in worship! And we hope that as we continue to share music, our worship will reflect the heart of our community as we seek a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ.

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