Warning: Sin Leads to Sin – August 23, 2023 

Wednesday, August 23rd

Devotional written by Pastor Curtis Johnson, Adult Ministries Pastor




To read today:  2 Samuel 11:22-27


But the thing David had done displeased the Lord.

2 Samuel 11:27b






David’s response to Uriah’s death seems flippant and insensitive. While he grieved deeply for Saul and Abner, his rivals (2 Samuel 1; 3:31-39), he showed no grief for Uriah, a good man with strong spiritual character. 

Why didn’t he grieve for the man who helped lead Israel’s victories? As stated in my Application Bible, David had become callous to his sin. The only way he could cover up his first sin (adultery) was to sin again, and soon he no longer felt guilty for what he had done.  Feelings are not reliable guides for determining right from wrong. Deliberate, repeated sinning had dulled David’s sensitivity to God’s laws and others’ rights. The more you try to cover sin, the more insensitive you become toward it. Don’t become hardened to sin, as David did. Confess your wrong actions to God before you forget they are sins.

Final thought:  We read in the Old and New Testaments that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. At times, it’s our pride that keeps us sinning time and again. We are too proud to admit fault. Too proud to seek help. Too proud to think we can handle the sin ourselves. Too proud to think our sin could or would hurt others. Yet, God works mightily with the humble.  He exercises His faithfulness, forgiveness, and reconciliation with the humble. The proud go at it alone. The humble go forward with God. Which path will you take?




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