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Apologize to someone for not listening well and ask for forgiveness

Ask a few of the questions from today’s sermon

Questions for your spouse 
How did that make you feel?
How can I serve you this next week?
What can I do to make things better?
Questions for your children
What did you notice today?
What are 26 things you are grateful for?
Was there anything you weren’t sure about in the sermon today?
Questions for your small group
What is God teaching you this week?
How have you grown to be more like Jesus in the last 10 years?
On a scale of 1-10, how is your relationship wit God? (but you can’t choose 7!)
Questions to ask after a sermon
What did the Holy Spirit want me to hear in that sermon?
What do I need to do in response to that teaching?
Is this a message for me or a message through me?
Questions for people you disagree with 
Can you help me understand why you think that?
Am I articulating your position accurately? 
What do you think people like me misunderstand about your position?

Set a timer for 120 seconds and spend it in absolute silence

Read How to Listen to God by Charles Stanley