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Vacation Bible School

VBS 2024

This year’s VBS theme is “Explore!” Calvary Kids will explore Scripture with the knowledge that God leads and guides our steps each and every day. As we learn more about who God is, we will discover how God made each one of us and we can trust in His plans for our lives.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105 (NIV)


WHEN IS VBS? June 24th-28th // 9AM-12PM 

WHERE IS VBS? In-person at Calvary Westlake

WHO CAN ATTEND VBS? Children age 4 through students entering 5th grade in the fall. Preschool children must 4 years old and potty-trained before May 1, 2024 to attend. 

WHAT IS THE COST OF VBS?  (Cost of VBS covers t-shirt, booklet, and activity supplies)
Early Bird Registration between March 31-May 26 is $60/child; each additional child is $55
Registration between May 27-June 16 is $75/child; each additional child is $70
PLEASE NOTE: Registration closes June 16 so we can prepare for VBS Week. We are unable to accommodate walk-up registrations for VBS. Thank you for your understanding! If your child will be attending Adventure Weeks the week of VBS, you do not need to register for VBS. 

No Refunds: Due to the type of programming that VBS is, all funds are used for the production of the week in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience, but since all funds are used we can not provide refunds due to scheduling conflicts or simple change of mind. Thank you for your understanding!

Use Mobile Check-in to save time by downloading the Calvary Westlake app from either the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad or the Google Play Store for Android phones. Check in from home up to 2 hours ahead of time, scan the barcode on your phone in the lobby, and check-in stickers will print!

Can I Volunteer??

Absolutely! VBS is always such a success because we have awesome volunteers! If you would like to join us during this week, we would be blessed to have you. Incoming 6th graders are asked to volunteer alongside their parent or guardian. 

Please take a moment to fill out our quick volunteer form by clicking the button below. 

It’s a week you won’t want to miss!

If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please email us at vbs@calvarywestlake.org.


Click HERE to register for VBS 2024! Registration opens March 31 and closes June 16. We close registration one week before VBS in order to properly plan and prepare a safe and effective program. Because we expect hundreds of children, our team needs a week to finalize the details to accomplish these goals.

If your child will be attending Adventure Weeks Week 2, you do not need to register them for VBS. VBS is included in their Adventure Weeks registration

We do not offer refunds! Due to the type of programming that VBS is, all funds are used for the production of the week in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience, but since all funds are used we can not provide refunds due to scheduling conflicts or simple change of mind. Thank you for your understanding!

We are unable to take walk-ups at VBS which is hard for us because we would love for every child to attend! VBS is attended by over 600 children and staffed with volunteers. We use the week prior to VBS to prep the daily activities and rotations for the large amount of children who attend. Walk-up registrations put too great a strain on the volunteers without preparation. Please give us some grace by not requesting a last-minute registration or request to take another child’s spot. Thank you for your understanding! 

YES! On the registration form, there is a location to indicate if your child has special abilities. We will contact you after the form is submitted to talk further about the needs of your child. If you would like to discuss whether VBS is a good fit for your child before you register, please contact Stephen Millage at stephen.millage@calvarywestlake.org

Preschool children must be 4 years old and potty-trained by May 1, 2024 to attend VBS. For Elementary children, register your child in the grade they will be entering in the fall NOT the grade they are about to complete or have just completed. For example, if your child is currently in 1st grade or just finished 1st grade, you would enroll them in 2nd grade for VBS 2024.

At Calvary, we promote your child to 6th grade prior to VBS. If your child will be going into 6th grade in Fall 2024, please check out the Middle School webpage HERE for their MSM summer events!

If your incoming 6th grader would like to volunteer at VBS, they must volunteer with a parent/guardian to help with their transition from attending VBS to volunteering at VBS. If interested, please click HERE for our VBS volunteer form.  Parent/Guardian will also need to complete the volunteer form.

VBS is a half-day program from 9:00am-12:00PM. If your elementary child needs a full-day program, please click HERE for information about our Adventure Weeks summer day camp. During VBS week, Adventure Weeks day camp attends VBS in the morning and continues with the day camp program in the afternoon. You can register your child for Adventure Weeks Week 2, and it becomes a full-day program with afternoon activities as well. The pricing is different for Adventure Weeks, however VBS is included in the Adventure Weeks pricing for the week, so if you choose Adventure Weeks for Week 2, you do not need to register for VBS.

Check-in at the kiosks begins at 8:45AM. Parents are to remain with their children in the lobby area until VBS rooms are open for drop-off at 9AM. Our facility opens earlier, but we need to allow time for staff and volunteers to get into place and be ready to receive your child. The area code and phone number you registered with are used to check in and print a security check-in label each morning of VBS.

Please pick up your child promptly at 12:00PM. We do not have extended care available. If you arrive early, please wait until the children have finished the session before you pick them up from their group.

Parents are welcome to be a part of the VBS experience. If you need to be with your child throughout the week, we will ask that you go through fingerprinting and a background check in order to travel with their group. These procedures are required for all individuals 18 and over to provide for a safe and secure environment for the children. Please click HERE to fill out our volunteer form.

We provide childcare for volunteers who have children under 4 years old. Please sign up to serve with us HERE! On the confirmation page, there will be a place to access the VBS volunteer childcare request form. Childcare is cost-free and reserved for those parents who serve and is not an open group.

As you enter the facility, you will find kiosks with touch screens. Begin by entering the phone number you used when you registered your child. After your family profile appears, tap each child’s name that will be attending that day and press “next”. You will be prompted to make sure your cell phone and cell provider are in the system so that we can reach you quickly in case your child needs you. From there you should be able to check in through the system and print name tags. Each child will receive two name tags and a 3 digit code security pick-up sticker. Each family will receive one security pick-up code sticker which will be used to pick up every child in your family. Please keep the security pick-up code sticker with you in order to get your child at 12:00PM. A new security code is created each day. Place one name tag on your child’s VBS t-shirt; the other name tag goes on the sign-in sheet for their group. After you place your child’s sticker on the correct sign-in sheet, you are free to leave.

Speed up your check-in and never misplace the security pick-up code again by using mobile check-in. Download the Calvary Westlake app from either the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad or the Google Play Store for Android phones and then check in from home up to 2 hours ahead of time. Scan the barcode on your phone in the lobby and the labels will print!

Locate your child’s group and identify the leader. Show the leader the security pick-up code sticker printed when you checked in that morning or from your phone if you checked in via the Calvary app. The leader will verify the code with the code on your child’s sticker and release your child to you. You will keep your code and not leave it with the leader in case you have other children in other groups to pick up.

It is best to take a picture of the code each day to keep on your mobile phone. If you do lose the sticker, you will be asked to go to a specified location and have your security pick-up code sticker reprinted. You will be asked to show a photo ID that matches the information of the child. Please be patient with our team because with so many children, we want to make sure each child is safe and leaves with the proper adult. Security is increased due to parents leaving campus after dropping off their children and is different than our normal Sunday and Wednesday night routine. Please understand our situation if we take extra steps to ensure the safety of the children at VBS

Don’t want to worry about losing the sticker? Use mobile check-in by downloading the Calvary Westlake app from either the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad or the Google Play Store for Android phones. The security pick-up code will be on your phone!

We understand that multiple people may be handing the transportation of children to and from VBS. You may transfer the security pick-up code sticker to another adult who will be picking up your child. We will also accept a photo of the security pick-up code if you text a photo of the sticker to another adult. We will not accept a phone call of permission, email, or text message of the security code. The security pick-up code sticker has a date and code that makes it viable and the randomness of the codes each day helps ensure the security of the children. 

Sometimes our VBS emails end up in your spam folder! Don’t forget to check that folder or CLICK HERE to learn about ‘whitelisting’ the emails from Calvary for your email service provider so you won’t miss an update.

Finally, what is vbs without our vbs song playlist ON SPOTIFY??

Click below and cue the songs on Spotify now so your kids can sign along at VBS! 

questions about VBS? email us at VBS@calvarywestlake.org