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hector & lucero cedillo

Agency — Christ is Lord Ministry
Location — Los Angeles, CA
Ministry — Prison & Inner City

Hector and Lucero work with World Impact in the inner city of Los Angeles to endear, evangelize, equip, and empower people through the Gospel. Their focus is Matthew 28:18–20, seeking to live The Great Commission among the people God has placed them with.

Hector is also involved in the prison ministries of Malachi Men and Returning Hearts where inmates are coming to faith in Christ and finding hope and healing

phil & laina graf

Agency — Global Training Network
Location — Ventura County
Ministry — Justice & Discipleship

The Graf’s believe in viral, missional, church planting training of indigenous, majority world, pastors, church planters, and community leaders which will do the same growing into a movement.

They reach and disciple unchurched and de-churched families and singles living in the proximity of their home engaging them with the gospel, bringing them into a dynamic living relationship with Jesus, raising them up as disciples and servants of Christ, growing them into a passionately missional community, and then equipping them to reach out and impact the communities where they live.

They also equip indigenous leaders throughout the world to address issues of suffering within their cultures by bringing God’s mercy and justice to bear upon the most vulnerable and most oppressed.


Linus Morris

Agency — Global Training Network
Location — California/International
Ministry — Church-Planting and Evangelism

Linus’ purpose is to equip networks of national leaders in the Marjory World to multiply movements that reach people for Christ, make disciples, develop leaders, and reproduce churches. Linus and son-in-law Phil Graf have developed the Divine Expedition four phase training that has now spread to ten countries. They are being joined by a growing international team, including national leaders whom they have trained, who are in turn reproducing leaders who are reproducing leaders (2 Timothy 2:2).


Jonathan & KAYLIN Polus

Agency — Every Nation Ministries
Location — Northridge, CA
Ministry — College Campus Ministry

 “We believe if you change the campus you change the world.” Jonathan and Kaylin serve as campus missionaries to California State University Northridge. They set out to “love well” as they interact each day with students on campus. That often requires sacrifice, flexibility, and generous grace and power from God. All worth it in the fight for the future of the next generation. Their mission is to Engage students with the gospel, Establish students in their faith, Equip students to be a witness, and Empower students to lead in their generation.

Contact: Jonathan.polus@everynation.org

Sam & Toni Gallucci

Agency — Embrace Ministries
Location — Ventura County
Ministry — Children and Immigrants

Embrace Ministries brings church to the migrant workers and their children in Ventura County and beyond, many of whom have never heard the Gospel! They meet in community rooms at the mobile home parks where the workers live or set up church outside if there are no facilities.

Sam’s wife Toni leads the mobile children’s program teaching the at-risk children about the love of Jesus while Sam ministers to their parents! They are now conducting church services and Bible studies in multiple locations. They have also launched a seminary to train those called to full time ministry in becoming campus pastors and leaders.