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this page will provide updates from our mission partners in Ukraine.


Update from March 24th, 2022

Brian Field held a Zoom call with our Missions partner in Ukraine, Ruslan.

Updates from March 22nd, 2022

Brian Field held a Zoom call with Mike Katzenberger regarding how we are partnering with Communitas International on refugee relief.

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Update from March 17th, 2022

This past week we were able to support the purchase of three tons of food and 1,500 lbs of hygiene products (including diapers/baby formula) to be delivered into Western Ukraine. These supplies are helping refugees who are being sheltered within the gypsy camps of our partner churches and are also helping feed the neediest in the camps. Please pray for the effective and safe distribution of these supplies.  

We have also been able to partner with The Good Call Ministries who have been working through their network of churches in key areas throughout Ukraine to provide resources and shelter for those still remaining in those locations. 
Finally, we have partnered with Communitas International  and their network of churches who are actively serving refugees in Poland, Romania, and Czechia. These funds are supporting the vast number of women, children, and the elderly who are arriving, with hundreds of thousands more headed their way in the days to come: money will be used for food, toiletries, clothes, mattresses and shelter. 

Update from March 12th, 2022

Watch this video to get an update on the refugees being cared for in Moldova.

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Update from March 3rd, 2022

Over the past week, we have been in daily communication with our partners in the region. 

So far, we have sent funds to help churches in Moldova provide food and shelter for Ukrainian refugees. We are also sending additional funds to our partners in Ukraine who are meeting the needs of hundreds within Western Ukraine.

Just today one of our main contacts was able to bring 3 women and 7 children (including a newborn) into his home as they arrived from the city of Kharkiv. The baby was born sometime during this past week.

Many of our Mission Partners in the region are actively engaging and hosting refugees and we will be sending additional funding over the next days and weeks ahead. Please keep all of them in your prayers!

Update from February 25th, 2022

This picture was sent to us from our partner in Ukraine as they gathered in church today to call out to God on behalf of peace in their land.

Our partner shared this… “Pray please, all Christian’s has to cry out to God, it has the power, God have power to stop it, we pray also but we have to unite all God’s family, God control’s everything!

Of course people having fear the fuel stations and shops markets people rushed, 140km from us was explosions, really nobody knows what to expect. Some people running out from the country, we expect refugees from eastern parts, it looks like we are on the safest part of UA.

Please join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and that God would move mightily to bring peace. Pray for the protection for all and that the church would be a place of refuge and hope to those in need. Pray for unity among believers and that God would be their strength!


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