The Third Trimester—Almost There but Not Quite – December 7, 2023

Thursday, December 7th

Devotional written by Pastor Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor





To read today: Luke 2:1-5





As Mary entered the final phase of her pregnancy, the reality of God’s promise was almost tangible. Each movement of the baby kicking within her was a gentle reminder of the imminent arrival of the Messiah. But even in these moments of nearness, there was still a period of waiting, a stretch of time where the promise was close yet not fully realized.

This last trimester found Mary embarking on a challenging journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Imagine the physical and emotional toll this journey would have taken, especially for a woman in her final stages of pregnancy. The discomfort, uncertainty, and longing for the waiting to be over—all of these would have weighed heavily on Mary. Her experience mirrors our seasons of waiting, where the fulfillment of God’s promises seems within reach, yet there is still a gap between promise and fulfillment.

Often, in these final moments of anticipation, our anxiety heightens. We see the end in sight and yearn to rush toward it. Mary’s journey to Bethlehem is a profound illustration of this tension. The promise of God was literally within her, yet she had to travel, wait, and trust in God’s timing for its fulfillment.

This period in Mary’s life serves as a crucial reminder for us: the temptation to hasten the fulfillment of God’s promises is strong, especially when we are so close to seeing them realized. However, God’s timing is impeccable. His orchestration of events, as seen in the timing of Jesus’ birth, is perfect in every detail.

As we find ourselves in similar seasons of waiting, nearing the fulfillment of what God has promised, let us embrace patience and trust in His perfect timing. Just as Mary did, we must journey through our paths to our ‘Bethlehems’ trusting that God will bring His plans to completion at the right moment. Let this time of almost-there-but-not-quite strengthen our faith and deepen our reliance on God’s perfect plan.

Reflection: When you’re almost to the point of seeing God’s promise fulfilled, the temptation is to rush it. But God’s timing is perfect, and we need to wait for Him to bring it to completion.





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