The Seeds Are Spreading – April 16, 2024

Tuesday, April 16

Devotional written by Brian Williams, Community Engagement Pastor



“As a result, it has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ.”
Philippians 1:13

Read Isaiah 55:9-11


To a farmer or gardener, a seed is an object of hope and expectation. It is laden with potential and cast upon the ground with anticipation. The divine miracle of its germination is a delayed reward with no guarantee, yet in every season, seeds are sown in anticipation of a bountiful harvest. There is joy in sowing because of the faith in what will come of it.

Paul doesn’t say that the whole palace guard accepted Jesus as Lord of their life (many may have mocked him), but that they know why he is in chains – they have heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Surely, they would return to the barracks after a shift, having been chained to Paul, full of stories about the curious man and the things he believes. Paul had a captive audience, and they would have overheard his conversations with visitors, his receiving and writing of letters (even this one to the Philippians), and his prayers and hymns.

Perhaps some did accept Jesus, but it seems Paul’s joy was in the latent potential, the scattered seeds of the gospel ready and waiting for God’s miraculous touch to bring them to life. His joy flowed from his hope and faith for what fruit would come from all these scattered seeds: faith in God, the miracle worker, and the one who summons seeds to sprout.

So, preaching the gospel brings joy when we see conversions and the hope and trust for what God can do with the seeds we’ve sown in faith.

Action: When you consider your success in sharing the gospel, is the scoreboard based on what you see the response to be or on your faith in God’s ability to do something with that seed? How would your joy in sharing the gospel with others change if you shift the source of your joy from the results you see to the potential placed in the hands of our powerful and loving God?

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