The Second Trimester—Encouragement in the Waiting – December 6, 2023

Wednesday, December 6th

Devotional written by Pastor Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor




To read today:  Luke 1:39-45


Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!

Luke 1:45



In the heart of Mary’s journey, we find her in a unique season of waiting—her second trimester. This period, often filled with anticipation and uncertainty, was, for Mary, a testament to God’s faithfulness. Pregnant with the promised Messiah, she witnessed the miraculous unfolding of God’s plan not just in her life but also in her cousin Elizabeth’s life.

Well beyond her childbearing years, Elizabeth found herself miraculously expecting a child. This child, destined to be John the Baptist, the forerunner to the Messiah, was a living prophecy from the pages of the Old Testament, now being fulfilled in their lifetime. The angel Gabriel informed Mary of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, presenting it as a sign to affirm the truth of her extraordinary calling.

In this phase of waiting, Mary experienced a profound reassurance. As she observed Elizabeth’s pregnancy, she saw a tangible manifestation of God’s power and promise. This was more than just a waiting period; it was a time of divine confirmation and encouragement. Mary’s visit to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45) was not just a family reunion but a divinely orchestrated meeting that reinforced her faith and resolve.

Our seasons of waiting can often feel prolonged and uncertain. Yet, as Mary’s story teaches, these moments are ripe with potential for witnessing God’s hand at work. The waiting period is not passive; it’s a time of active trust and expectation. When God’s promises seem distant, He often provides glimmers of His presence and power, reminding us that He is still orchestrating His perfect plan.

Let Mary’s experience during her second trimester inspire us. In our times of waiting, let’s look for the Elizabeths in our lives—the signs of God’s ongoing work. These are the reminders that God is always at work, shaping our stories and fulfilling His promises, even when the outcome has not yet been seen and experienced.

Reflection: There are times in our waiting when we see glimmers of what God is about to do. It is a reminder that God is still at work, even when the end is not yet in sight.



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