The Freedom of God’s Word – September 28, 2023 

Thursday, September 28th

Devotional written by Loretta Peña, Executive Director of Adult Ministries




To read today:  Psalm 119:43-45


Never take your word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws. 

Psalm 119:43





In these verses, the psalmist celebrates the freedom that comes from embracing God’s Word. They declare their unending commitment to obey God’s law and proclaim His truth.

It’s crucial to understand that this freedom is not the absence of restraint but the presence of purpose. When we hope in God’s laws and obey His commands, we experience a freedom that transcends earthly limitations.

The psalmist’s words remind us that God’s Word is a beacon of truth in a world filled with falsehood. It equips us to speak His truth boldly and to walk in a freedom that only He can provide.

As you reflect on these verses, consider your own relationship with God’s Word. Do you proclaim His truth with conviction? Are you committed to obeying His law? Pray for the grace to always walk in the freedom that comes from seeking His precepts.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank You for the freedom that comes from Your Word of truth. May we never cease to hope in Your laws and obey Your commands. Help us to boldly proclaim Your truth and to walk in the freedom that only You can provide. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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