The First Trimester—The Quiet Before the Storm – December 5, 2023

Tuesday, December 5th

Devotional written by Pastor Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor





To read today:  Matthew 1:18-21



In the first trimester, perhaps before she was showing, Mary had to grapple with her new reality quietly. She shared it with Joseph. He struggled to believe the one he loved and trusted. He thought of ending his plan to marry her without making a public scene. Perhaps he could ease out of the commitment he had made without drawing a lot of attention to himself or wounding Mary.

Joseph, too, had an angelic visitation. His came in the form of a dream while he slept. The angel confirmed what Mary said. How could he have ever doubted her? But it all had seemed so improbable. Now, he moved from a posture of speculation to one of anticipation.

Together, the two would wait. Mary and Joseph would not only wait for the child’s arrival but also for the criticism and whispers of others that would inevitably come when Mary’s baby bump became apparent to all. In that first trimester, their waiting would be personal and private. They would share in their quiet anticipation of what others might think or say.

Quiet, private times of waiting can overwhelm us. We can feel isolated from others and even frustrated with God. Be patient—journey well with those who share in your anticipation. To journey well in the privacy of your waiting, lean into God. Grow your daily discipline in your journey with Him!

Reflection: Sometimes, our waiting periods are private affairs. We may know what God has promised, but it hasn’t manifested yet. In these quiet times, lean into your relationship with God and trust His plan.



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