Suffering with Those Who Suffer, Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice November 17, 2022

Thursday, November 17th

Take5 Devotional today written by Sarah Czerwinski, Associate Pastor for Young Adults


Suffering with Those Who Suffer, Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice  


 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

1 Corinthians 12:26



Have you ever stubbed your toe? If you’re a human, the answer is probably yes. Isn’t it amazing how such a small infliction of pain can incapacitate the entire body? The nervous system of our bodies is an amazing superhighway that links the most unlikely parts together. Why? For our survival.

The Holy Spirit functions the same when it comes to different members of the body. It is not just a privilege to suffer with those who suffer, but helpful for the survival of the whole body. We are created to be interdependent within the church and to rely on one another’s strengths. It is a beautiful thing when one part of the body is appreciated and cared for – think of when a woman is pregnant, and she puts extra care into her diet so her baby can grow. How good for the rest of the body when those of us who are in need, like a baby, are cared for!

We, as members of one body, have a responsibility to be aware of how various members of the body are affected, both by joy and pain. Pain is actually made more bearable by empathy and care from the community. Isolation can lead to debilitating unhealthiness. Rather than amputating these parts, it is our task to nurture them. Also, at times when we are the hurting or suffering parts, this is our invitation to ask for help, to humbly call on the other parts of the body to care for us in our pain. 

Today’s action step: Contemplate the passage in two parts. Part One: is there a member of the body you feel called to care for in their pain or celebrate in their rejoicing? Part Two: Is there pain or joy in your life you would like to share with another member of the body so they can partner with you through the experience?





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