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Staff Contacts

Executive Leadership:

Shawn Thornton
Senior Pastor
Email: pastorsoffice@calvarywestlake.org 
Website: www.pastorshawn.com 
phone: 818.575.2278

Lareita Ellicott
Executive Administrative Assistant
Email: lareita.ellicott@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2278

Jason McMaster
Executive Pastor
Email: jason.mcmaster@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2226

Tracy Buccieri
Executive Administrative Assistant
Email: tracy.buccieri@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2235

Brian Howard 
Teaching Pastor
Email: brian.howard@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2221

Small Groups:

Stacy Massell
Small Groups Coordinator
Email: stacy.massell@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2236

Adult Ministries:

Curtis Johnson
Adult Ministries Pastor
Email: curtis.johnson@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2212

Dick Thompson
Seasoned Adults Ministry Pastor
Email: dick.thompson@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2247

Scott Davis
Adult Ministries Pastor
Email: scott.davis@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2252

Loretta Peña
Adult Ministries Executive Director
Email: loretta.pena@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2293

Michael Field
Young Adults Pastor
Email: michael.field@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.991.8040 x222

Sarah Smith
Associate Young Adults Pastor
Email: sarah.smith@calvarywestlake.org  
Phone: 818.575.2224

Brian Williams
Community Engagement Pastor
Email: brian.williams@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2220

Student & Children’s Ministries:

Gina Spivey
Family Ministries Pastor
Email: gina.spivey@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2295

Drew Walton 
High School Pastor
Email: drew.walton@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2282

Connor Johnson
Middle School Pastor
Email: connor.johnson@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2253

Courtney Lopez
Student Ministries Administrative Assistant
Email: courtney.lopez@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2223

Megan Talbot
Associate Middle School Director
Email: megan.talbot@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2254

Faith Field
Elementary Director
Email: faith.field@calvarywestlake.org

Peyton Sper
Assistant Elementary Director
Email: peyton.sper@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2237 

Elaina White
Early Childhood Director
Email: elaina.white@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2213

Ellie Sichaleune
Preschool Director
Email: ellie.sichaleune@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2277

Special Abilities:

Stephen Millage
Special Abilities Pastor
Email: stephen.millage@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2240 

Hannah Wasmundt 
Special Abilities Director
Email: hannah.wasmundt@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2297

Paolina Laske
Special Abilities Associate Director
Email: paolina.laske@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2251

Care Ministries:

Steve Day
Care Pastor
Email: steve.day@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2289

Mack Braden
Care Ministry Pastor
Email: mack.braden@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2228

Tara Larson
Benevolence Director
Email: tara.larson@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2269

Sam Rosenblad
Support and Recovery Group Coordinator

Anna Williams
Ministry Team Coordinator
Email: anna.williams@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2267


Michael Field
Communications Director
Email: michael.field@calvarywestlake.org

Aaron Kajumba
Online Community Pastor
Email: aaron.kajumba@calvarywestlake.org

Ken Chambers
Database Manager
Email: ken.chambers@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2250

Tim Crouch
Database Manager
Email: tim.crouch@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2220

Worship Arts:

Richelle Buchmiller
Worship Arts Production Coordinator
Email: richelle.buchmiller@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2294

Tracy King
Volunteer Coordinator
Email: tracy.king@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2244


Rick Fuselier
Stewardship Pastor
Email: rick.fuselier@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2249

Paul Arroyo
Email: paul.arroyo@calvarywestlake.org  
Phone: 818.575.2230

Laura Di Conti 
Human Resources Administrator
Email: laura.diconti@calvarywestlake.org
Email/Applicants: applicant@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2229


Brian Field
Missions Pastor
Email: brian.field@calvarywestlake.org 
Phone: 818.575.2266

Rrachel Fitzpatrick
Community Outreach Director
Email: Rrachel.fitzpatrick@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2271

Tim Smith
Global Missions Coordinator
Email: tim.smith@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2243


Toni Anderson
Finance Team / Accounts Payables & Receivables
Email: toni.anderson@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2218

Rik Bright
Chairman of Operations Board; Director of Facility Operations
Email: rik.bright@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2255

Pat Borgstrom
Campus Services Director
Email: pat.borgstrom@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2234

Jennifer Groll
Payroll Administrator / Ministry Support Services
Email: jennifer.groll@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2216

Jeremy Turgeon 
IT Manager
Email: info@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2201

Tim Crouch
IT Admin
Email: tim.crouch@calvarywestlake.org
Phone: 818.575.2220

small groups

Not seeing the staff member you are looking for? Send an email to info@calvarywestlake.org