Risky Grace – August 16, 2023 

Wednesday, August 16th

Devotional written by Pastor Troy Thornton, Development Pastor




To read today: 2 Samuel 9:9-11


But Mephibosheth, your master’s grandson, will eat here at my table.”

2 Samuel 9:10b



Political rivals in our day and age aren’t known for extending kindness to their opponents. In fact, they often go out of their way to point out failures and flaws in each other to “take them out.” In ancient times, political rivals didn’t just use words to “take out” their opponent; they would literally “take them out” by killing them and their families. Mephibosheth represented a very literal potential threat to David. In the eyes of many, David would have been justified in killing Mephibosheth. David doesn’t just spare him; he invites him into his palace to live and be cared for physically. David wasn’t just “keeping his enemy closer” either.  This was risky. Mephibosheth could have undermined David from within or even plotted with others on the inside to “take him out.” David would have certainly known this risk, but he chose grace instead of malice. 

David shows us that grace is messy and, at times, risky. When God calls us to serve others, we are entering into the messiness of their lives. Grace isn’t just holding back; it requires stepping out in faith and taking a risk on someone – just like Jesus did for you and me.

Call to Action: Step into someone’s life who needs to experience God’s grace – take the risk.



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