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This webpage was created to be a helpful resource as you walk through the series, “It’s OK to not be OK”. We hope that it is a blessing to you and encourages your walk with God.

For counseling, classes, groups, and more, head to our Care Ministry’s webpage.

Recommended music

Peace Vol I and II by Bethel Music

Why these albums?

Using bi-lateral audio, with frequencies scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, the songs on the album were recorded with the intention of creating a peaceful atmosphere for listeners to experience God’s presence.

Interviews with Dr. Rick Blackmon

These interviews conducted by Pastor Shawn with clinical psychologist Rick Blackmon were done during our “Hope for the Heavy Heart” series. They cover a specific emotion in each video. Take some time to watch these videos. We hope they help you grow in understanding. 

recommended books

You can click the images below to purchase the books.

HSM sermons

Our High School Ministry wrapped up the series “It’s Okay to not Be Okay” in May of 2022. Take a look at their sermons below.

Grief resources

The resources below are helpful for those in the midst of grief. We hope you find help and healing through them.

If you need an expert on Grief and would like a Christian therapist, please contact Care Ministry care center at 818-575-2267.



This is a 13-week course that offers the opportunity to process the death of a loved one with others who are dealing with the same stages of grief. Learn how to work through your emotions and process the pain. Material cost $20.00. For more information or to register, visit

Books on grief

Children's book

Podcast on grief