Not Just Biding Time - January 30, 2023

Monday, January 30th

Devotional written by Pastor Troy Thornton, Developoment Pastor




To read today: Romans 8:18-21


I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18



I used to run quite a bit, even completing a marathon. Frankly, I never enjoyed it, nor did I ever find the “runner’s high.” Running to me was a means to an end, something to be endured to become more fit. I enjoyed the result but not the process. As believers, we can often view life this way, something to be endured until we reach the goal of glory. However, life for the believer can, and should, be more than just a long run biding time until heaven.

Romans 8:18 is clear that what we as believers will experience for eternity will far outweigh the sufferings we experience in this life, which is amazing! However, many miss what is really being said in these verses. Ultimately, this is about God revealing to His children and displaying for all eternity what His grace has done (8:19-20). His grace took His broken creation and saved us from the result of our brokenness and sin. His grace gives us a future secured in heaven for eternity, but it also provides us with an opportunity to live out His Grace in this very broken world. Suffering is a part of the life of His followers. Yet, this race we’re in shouldn’t just be “a biding time” existence. Life should be run – lived out – with grace. Our sufferings will show for eternity that His grace can exceed them all.

TODAY: Consciously live out His grace to those around you.





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