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Calvary Next is an 8-week fall teaching series aligned with Calvary Vision 2030. The weekend messages will be focused on the goals of this vision as a church while our small groups will study the same passages in the book of Acts to learn from the experiences of the early church. We hope your small groups will wrestle with and discuss together how to apply these teachings from Scripture into your own personal lives as individuals, families, and small groups.

Session 1

This week we launch the 2030 Vision Series by looking back to see the faithful hand of God through the history of Calvary. In this passage, Apostle Peter references the prophet Joel, King David, and Psalm 110; all Old Testament references pointing to Jesus. Because God has been faithful in the past, we can trust His faithfulness in the present and anticipate his faithfulness in the future.

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Session 2

This session focuses on the beautiful picture of the early church and how their activities together give us the blueprint for our vision of loving God more, loving God’s family more, and loving our neighbors more. Our life together as a community of believers is our greatest witness to the good news of Christ’s love for the world. 

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Session 3

This week we focus on how we can deliberately elevate our love for God’s Word. We consider the Bereans who “received the message with great eagerness” and “examined the Scriptures every day.” We need both the serious study of God’s Word juxtaposed with a passion and desire to know it. Why? Because it is God’s Word that will help us see who Jesus is and how we can follow Him

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Session 4

This week we focus on dramatically escalating our Christlike compassion. We look at the story of Acts 6 where the needs of a marginalized group of people within the church were being neglected. When this issue was brought to church leadership, they responded with compassion and strategic wisdom, adapting the church’s structure to serve all its people.

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Session 5

This week, we consider how to decisively empower our next generation to know Jesus and make Him known to the world. As we examine the story of Paul and Silas’ jailer and his household, we see how the Gospel is shared with the family and the younger generation. When faith is passed down, future generations can rise up to love and serve the Lord.

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Session 6

In this story of the Ethiopian eunuch’s conversion to faith, we see the first three key values we want our Calvary family to embody: 1) It’s all about Jesus; 2) God’s people love God’s Word; and 3) life change happens in relationships.

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Session 7

This week, as we focus on Paul’s final message to his beloved church, we see another three key values we want our church to embody: service, evangelism, and generosity. Calvary Vision 2030 puts it this way: 1) Saved people serve people; 2) Found people find people; and 3) Grateful people are giving people.

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Session 8

We close this series by focusing on how we can spend the next 1,000 days moving toward spiritual health in our personal lives and in our church. Each of us must intentionally pursue the spiritual practices we’ve discussed in this teaching series and grow to become people who live and love like Jesus. Then, we’ll have the firm foundation for becoming a healthy church body that is ready to grow into all God has for us.

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