Name the Problem – September 5, 2023 

Tuesday, September 5th

Devotional written by Pastor Brian Howard, Teaching Pastor




To read today:  2 Samuel 22:5-6


The cords of the grave coiled around me; the snares of death confronted me.

2 Samuel 22:6






When I read David’s song, I am struck by how brutally honest it is toward his circumstances. He doesn’t pretend everything is okay, nor does he tidy up the story to make it seem like his faith was stronger than it was in his struggle with King Saul. He speaks of being entangled (v.4), destroyed (v.4), trapped (v.5), and near death (v.5). It is clear that he trusts the Lord but also notices the very real-world circumstances he faces. Both are needed if we intend to walk by faith amid our troubles. 

First, we must clearly state what the problem is. I’ve counseled far too many people who cannot find victory because they will not seek clarity. They speak vaguely and theoretically about their problems, concerns, anxieties, and fears but never articulate the problem clearly. As I am fond of saying, what you will not identify will only intensify, which means that if you refuse to say it, you will not be able to solve it. Whatever the circumstance or problem is in your life, healing and victory begin when you clearly and courageously identify the problem. 

Second, once we have identified the problem clearly, we need to trust God with it. Amid difficult circumstances and against enemies who seek us harm, trusting God’s goodness is the bedrock foundation of our calling. We must be people who trust that God has awareness of our needs, the willingness to help, and the ability to change things. When Jesus told us, “Do not worry about your life,” this was not a suggestion to be considered but rather a command to be obeyed (Matthew 6:25). When we go through times and seasons when we do not trust God, we should confess our sins and repent that we might be forgiven. God is worthy of our trust not just some of the time, but all of the time. 

For Today: Clearly identify your problem and ask that the Lord give you trust in Him in the midst of it. 





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