"Morning" June 19, 2022

Sunday, June 19th

Take5 Devotional today written by Pastor Gina Spivey


Scripture to read today:   Psalm 30:1-12


His favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Psalm 30:5



It never ceases to amaze me how much different everything feels after nighttime sleep. The morning light always seems to call out what in darkness may have felt insurmountable.  How many times have you woken in the morning to realize the very thing that kept you up tossing and turning the night before was simply an opportunity to rise to a new challenge? How many mornings have you felt a glimmer of hope in a situation that just the night before seemed hopeless?

While Psalm 30:5 is speaking to a broader sense of the term, the “morning” really does often bring its own rejoicing. It is almost as if it was designed to do just that. Sunrise is a daily reminder of new mercies to come. A daily opportunity to find something worthy of our thanksgiving, even in the darkest of days. A daily sense of gratitude at God’s power in causing the sun to rise once more

Do not miss the beauty in the rejoicing of a new day. Take time each morning to pause and thank God for the gift of a new day.




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