Loving Grandchildren with Your Time – June 27, 2023 

Tuesday, June 27th

Devotional written by Pastor Steve Day, Care Pastor






Watch out!  Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen.  Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live!  And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren.

Deuteronomy 4:9





Has anyone ever told you, “I need you to be present?” There is nothing like being in the moment. With so many dual-income families and grandparents still working, everyone struggles to spend quality time together. Listen, our grandkids need time with us to develop on many different levels. I try to schedule time with my grandkids around three themes – fun, personal faith development, and service. Be a grandparent with a purpose!

It’s important to be an influence and part of the lives of your children and grandchildren. As a grandparent, we need to be humble and show respect for our grandchildren’s parents and not be overbearing or critical of our children’s decisions and parenting choices. Also, consider not overstaying your welcome (Proverbs 25:17).  Humility, humility, humility. We are blessed to take the truth and grace God’s given us in life and pass it on to our grandchildren. 

Reflection: Consider putting together a calendar of adventures you can guide your grandchildren on.  You might even create themes dealing with their development. Time spent with grandchildren is priceless.




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