Looking Ahead by Glancing Back September 12, 2022

Monday, September 12th

Take5 Devotional today written by Pastor Shawn Thornton


Looking Ahead by Glancing Back


To read today: 

Acts 2:14-41



Fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection, His followers were gathered for prayer in an upper room in Jerusalem – just as He had instructed them. They waited expectantly for the coming of the one Jesus told them would be their comforter. His arrival would spark something new – a fresh movement of God among the followers of Christ. He would usher in the church!

Acts chapter 2 records the very moment for which they had been waiting. God, the Holy Spirit, came upon them. They were moved by joy and left the upper room, bringing that same celebration to the streets of Jerusalem. The unusual celebration and supernatural signs associated with the coming of the Spirit prompted many questions from the crowds. The Apostle Peter steps forward to set the record straight. He delivers the first sermon ever in the church.

In Acts 2:14-41, Peter glances back at Old Testament events and people to give context for what is happening. He also looks forward to what God will do as he glances back. Finally, Peter invites all to join this fresh movement of God.

As a church, Calvary Community Church will spend the next eight weeks grasping God’s vision for us together in the next decade. We will first look back to see the faithful hand of God in our church for over four decades. Then, we will celebrate His goodness.

Think about your relationship with God. Look back at how you came to Christ, how your life has changed, and how God has walked with you as you have grown in Him. Write down three or four milestones and the names of several essential people in your spiritual journey. Then, joyfully thank God for those moments and those people.

Gratefully glancing back at our journey with God helps us look forward to what He has next for our lives!




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