Leaving a Legacy of Faith – September 15, 2023 

Friday, September 15th

Devotional written by Pastor Stephen Millage, Elementary Pastor




To read today:2 Samuel 23:1-2


Then David rested with his ancestors and was buried in the City of David.  

1 Kings 2:10




Looking at the Life of David, we have seen a man that God described as a man “after His own heart.”  We have gleaned valuable insights into righteous leadership, God’s covenant, the legacy of faith, and, ultimately, the promise of an eternal King. Like David, we want to seek to live in the fear of the Lord and fulfill our calling in His service.

In David’s closing words, we see his acknowledgment that the Most High exalted him and the God of Jacob anointed him. David recognized his true source of strength and significance. Just as David acknowledged God as the source of his exaltation, we should recognize that our identity and purpose are found in God.

David’s reign foreshadowed the coming of the Messiah, the eternal King, Jesus Christ. David’s humility and dependence on God serve as a model for us as we follow the ultimate King Who reigns eternally. Our lives should be marked in such a way that our faith leaves a lasting impact on those around us. Like David, our lives must point others to the covenant and promise we have with God through Jesus.  Then, our legacy will be one of faithfulness and devotion.

Final thought: May we be a people labeled as “a person after God’s own heart.”




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