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Journey to The cross

Stations and Art

Station I: Jesus’s Agony in the Garden

Robert Walter Weir, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, c. 1803-1889. 

STATION II: JESUS is betrayed by judas and arrested

Gustave Doré, Study for “the Judas Kiss”, 1865.

STATION Iii: JESUS is condemned by the sanhedrein

Honthorst, Christ before the High Priest, 1617.

STATION IV: JESUS IS denied by peter

Bloch, Peter’s Denial, 1890.

STATION v: JESUS IS Condemned by pontius pilate

Antonio Ciseri, Ecce Homo – “Here is the Man”, 1860-1880. 

STATION vI: JESUS IS scourged and crowned with thorns

Laurie Buss, Jesus Scourged, 2023.

STATION vII: JESUS IS made to carry the cross

Edelfelt, Christ carries the Cross, 1905.

STATION vIII: Simon of cyrene helps jesus with his cross

Ruth Benfield, Simon helps with the cross, 2023.

STATION Ix: JESUS meets the women of jerusalem

Sabrina Dawson, Jesus speaks to the women of jerusalem, 2023. 

STATION x: JESUS crucified

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Crucifixion, 1745-1750.

STATION xi: JESUS promises paradise to the repentant thief

Rembrandt, Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves (The Three Crosses), 1653-1655. 

STATION Xii: JESUS speaks to john and mary on the cross

James Tissot, Woman, Behold Thy Son, 1886-1894.

STATION xIIi: JESUS dies on the cross

Delacroix, Christ on the cross, 1853.

STATION xIv: JESUS IS buried in the tomb

Antonio Ciseri, Transport of christ to the tomb, 1864-1870.

Additional Art

Sabrina Dawson and Cora Tunnell, Jesus did this for you, 2022.

Cora Tunnel, Jesus in the garden, 2022.

Taylor Capozzoli, Jesus dies on the Cross, 2023. 

If you are interested in creating original art or volunteering for Journey to the cross next year, 

please email Sabrina.dawson@calvarywestlake.org