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Journey Bookstore

Welcome to the Journey Bookstore!

We exist to to provide you with resources that encourage your faith in Jesus. From Bibles, to cards,  to decorations, to devotionals, to jewelry, to journals and more, we carry gifts that encourage relationship with Jesus.   

There are so many competitors for our attention and focus.  At Journey, every item we have exists for the purpose of helping us focus on Christ.  Whether it would be a handcrafted wall decoration you see when you come home or a bracelet you look down and see around your wrist, you can be assured that our products exist to encourage your faith.  

We carry multiple translations of the Bible including NIV, NLT, KVJ, NKVJ, ESV, CSV, NASB and more.  Whether you have never read the Bible before, or you have been reading for years, our team is happy to assist you in finding the right Bible for this season of life.  If you are buying our Bibles as a gift, we are able to engrave them as a personal touch. 

The hours we are open are centered around the operations of Calvary Community Church, but we are happy for anyone to come in and explore our store.  Many come to Journey for the perfect card for the proper occasion, including cards for Baptism, Baby Dedications and even cards for Pastoral Encouragement. (We could all use more encouragement)   

When it comes to the Holidays, we are delighted to be a part of your Easter and Christmas celebrations!  We carry Christmas and Easter gifts and decorations so please come through Journey when it’s that special time to celebrate! 

We hope that we can assist you on your journey! We look forward to shopping with you soon.