Important AND Essential September 15, 2022

Thursday, September 15th

Take5 Devotional today written by Pastor Shawn Thornton


Important AND Essential




To read today: 

Acts 2:14-41



In the first sermon ever delivered after the church was born, the Apostle Peter declared that Christ’s followers are witnesses for Him in the world. Peter described how King David looked forward to when one of his descendants would come, suffer, die, and be raised. He spoke of the coming Messianic King. David, in his way, was a witness to what was to come. Peter said, like David, we are witnesses. As he looked forward to the Messiah, we look back.

Old Testament Saints looked forward by faith to the coming Messiah. Since that day that Peter preached in Acts 2, we look back in faith to the Messiah who came to save us. All of us are witnesses to others of the Messiah. We point them to the one about whom David prophesied. 

In a world of darkness and division, we all have the joy of being witnesses of the one who brings light and hope! As a church family, we don’t simply rely on what we preach (though that is important). We move forward together, knowing that we all serve as witnesses of Christ wherever we go and with whomever, we meet. Our witness in the world is essential to God’s plan for our lives.

While what we preach is important, being everyday witnesses of Christ is essential. 

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