Humility – May 12, 2023

Friday, May 12th

Devotional written by Stephen Millage, Director of Elementary Ministries




To read today: Proverbs 11


When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2





In April, Calvary Kids’ Elementary ministry focused on Jesus’ trait of “humility.” The central theme was to “put others first by giving up what you think you deserve.” Humility is a key ingredient in healthy relationships. Pride can make us defensive and unwilling to listen to others, which can strain relationships. On the other hand, humility allows us to listen to others, to seek understanding, and to work together towards common goals. The Book of Proverbs spends countless verses focused on the issue of “pride vs. humility.” The connection between King Solomon writing a majority of Proverbs and the lack of awareness from Rehoboam when seeking the counsel of his father’s previous advisors. Rehoboam chose to listen to his friends. As we looked at on Wednesday, Job says that “wisdom is found among the aged.” We must be willing to humble ourselves in front of those older than us.

Rehoboam should have listened to the counsel of his father’s advisors. He should have sought God’s wisdom and guidance through prayer and seeking out the counsel of religious leaders. And instead of insisting on having his way, Rehoboam should have shown humility and a willingness to compromise to seek peace. These principles of humility and seeking wise counsel can be helpful for us today as well in avoiding the negative consequences of pride and making wise decisions. Rehoboam is indeed a cautionary tale.

Reflection: The beautiful idea we can take from Rehoboam’s youthful pride is that God is and was working all along. He is working in our decisions, whether they be humble or prideful. Rest in that truth.




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