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Hope alzheimer's Seminar

While Calvary Community Church is not a medical institution, we invited medical professionals to come share research and information around the subject of Alzheimer’s Disease. Our goal was to provide a place where people could come gather information that might help in their journey to give care to their loved ones.

You’ll find the video and slides below. The video of speakers is organized by chapters. You can pick the speaker you‘d like to watch, by running your cursor along the bottom of the frame to that specific person.

Watch the seminar


Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention: Dr. Dale Bredesen

Clinical Treatment: Dr. Peter Muran

Nutrition and Prevention: Amylee Amos

Health Coaching and Caregiving: Kerry Mills Rutland

Alzheimer’s Resource Page

Again, Calvary is not a medical institution, but a church that cares about its congregation and surrounding communities.

Because so many have asked for resources, the Hope Alzheimer’s Team has compiled several resources that might help. In no way are we directing you to any “one” resource, but we hope that you’ll find something that will educate and help you during your journey.