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High School Ministry exists to make disciples who live and love like Jesus.

Church for high school students! High school students gather for worship in the HSM Room at 11am and 5pm  (Online on Youtube) on Sundays at Calvary.  You can expect to hang out with friends, hear a message preached from the Bible and worship with our outstanding band! 
Every week people come for the first time and if you have never been, we are excited for you to come

Winter Camp

Every winter we have the opportunity to take students up to Hume Lake for winter camp, where we partake in a weekend of worship, recreation, and Biblical teaching. Winter camp is a perfect place to get away from normal life for a weekend, enjoy the beautiful campus of Hume lake, and even see snow if you’re lucky!



Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a series of gatherings after football games in the fall. Hundreds of students attend to eat free food, play games and enjoy safe, sober fun from 9:00pm – midnight. Not only does this give students a safe place to go after the game, but it also allows them to get a taste of what church can be like. 

2021 dates:


Small Groups

Small groups are where we teach high school students how to follow Jesus step-by-step. We do this by gathering on Tuesday or Wednesday nights in homes all over the Conejo Valley in gender-specific groups of 5-15 students. Group time involves studying the Bible, sharing about your life and being challenged to take steps forward in your faith!

For more information on small groups, email Brit Vargas at brit.vargas@calvarywestlake.org.

On Campus Ministry

We want students to not just engage with the church on Sundays, but to be actively involved in their school faith communities as well. A great way for students to do that is to attend their local Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. These meetings, called Huddles, occur on a regular basis on campus and are a great opportunity for students to connect with others who can help them grow in their faith.

Parents: If you want to get involved in supporting your school’s FCA through prayer, providing food or logistical support, please email high school ministry on campus staff member J.D. Laske, and more at jd.laske@calvarywestlake.org.


Baptism is a celebration of your death to sin and new life in Jesus Christ!

Who Should Be Baptized?

In Scripture, the act of baptism quickly follows an individual’s decision to trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation (Acts 2:37-41; 8:35-39;10:47-48). After you have professed your faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, you are ready to obey Jesus’ command to be baptized and publicly identify yourself as a follower of Jesus Christ. We baptize high school students throughout the year in the Calvary adult services, in high school services and in the ocean at summer bonfires, and we love getting to celebrate with them! 

If you are interested in more information on baptism or if you want to get baptized, email Aaron Kajumba at aaron.kajumba@calvarywestlake.org.

International Mission Trips

We encourage students to take their next step in applying for one of our HSM mission trips. We take trips each year to Mexico, Uganda, Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic, and believe that this is our opportunity to take the Great Commission seriously in taking the Gospel throughout this world. More information about our trips can be found here on our HSM Mission Trip page, and if you have any questions about our trips feel free to reach out to our administrative assistant Courtney Lopez at courtney.lopez@calvarywestlake.org.


Summer Camp

HSM Summer Camp is a week long camp open to any student in grades 9-12 and is designed to give students the best week of their summer. This year we are going to camp at Hume SoCal! Summer camp has a focus on recreation, worship, and teaching, and we use this platform to encourage students to take their next steps with Jesus. 



Volunteer in HSM

Come serve with us! There are opportunities to serve on Sunday service with 11am or 5pm, HSM events, HSM tech and media team, and as a small group leader. Fill out the form and we will be in contact with you on how to best use your gifts to serve our high schoolers.


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Staff Contacts

Aaron Kajumba 
High School Pastor

Courtney Lopez 
Student Ministries Administrative Assistant