High School Events

high school events

Due to COVID-19, we may encounter the possibility of events throughout the year being rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled, and we appreciate your understanding in the midst of this uncertainty. We will keep this page updated for individual events, and we will communicate any changes through our email list and on our Instagram page.

Summer Bonfires

Every Tuesday night over the summer hundreds of high school students gather at Calvary, load up on buses and head down to Sycamore Cove State Beach.  We BBQ food, play games, relax, celebrate baptism and worship as the sun sets! $5 and the cost includes dinner! 5-9pm. 


Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a series of gatherings after football games in the fall.  Hundreds of students attend to eat free food, play games and enjoy safe, sober fun from 9:00pm – midnight.  Not only does this give students a safe place to go after the game, but it also allows them to get a taste of what church can be like. 

Christmas Lock-In

December, High School Ministry kicks off the season with the wildest night of the year. The lock-in is an 11-hour event beginning at 8pm and ending at 7am. With crazy games, delicious food and just a little bit of coffee, this event serves as the perfect way to kick off a very busy month. 

Joy Unleashed

Join us for our 6th annual Special Needs Dance from 4-9pm. We need as many high school students as possible to sign up, dress up, and show up to serve all of the VIPs who will be joining us in the high school room. 

All The Rest

In addition to our big four events, we have other events that we announce throughout the year including special needs functions, parties, worship nights, and meals.  The best way to keep posted on events throughout the year is to follow @calvaryhsm805 on Facebook, Instagram, or to join our email list by clicking the links below.