Grateful People Are Sacrificial People – October 25, 2023 

Wednesday, October 25th

Devotional written by Troy Thornton, Development Pastor





To read today:  

“Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial.” 

John 12:7






Jesus’ anointing at Bethany by Mary (the sister of Lazarus) is a very intriguing event. The oil that Mary used to anoint the Lord’s feet (a common ritual for a guest of honor) cost about a year’s wages (John 12:5). Interestingly, Judas is the one who pointed out the cost of the oil that Mary used.

Jesus’ rebuke of Judas is very pointed because He knew two things: 1) Judas’ intentions were selfish since he was a thief, and 2) Mary’s sacrifice of giving came from a heart of gratitude.  The dinner where the anointing occurred was in Jesus’ honor, not long after He raised Lazarus from the dead. Judas and Mary are juxtapositions of selfishness and sacrifice. Mary is acting out of gratitude for what Jesus did for her brother, bringing him back to life (John 12:1) and changing her life (Luke 8:2). Judas is speaking out of selfishness. As followers of Jesus, we have been given life by the power of the Gospel. Why wouldn’t we give sacrificially like Mary did?

Reflection: How can you give sacrificially to God’s work?




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