Grateful People Are Noticeable People – October 24, 2023 

Tuesday, October 24th

Devotional written by Troy Thornton, Development Pastor





To read today:  

…for on account of him many of the Jews were going over to Jesus and believing in him.”

John 12:11





There are still wanted posters in the U.S. Post Office lobby with a photo and brief description of why the person is wanted. The individuals featured on these posters exert significant effort to remain inconspicuous. Followers of Jesus should be the exact opposite; we want to be noticed. 

The simple fact that Lazarus was alive made him very noticeable. After all, he was brought back from the dead. His very existence drew people to believe in Jesus (John 12:11). He and his family were grateful for what Jesus had done for them. They were noticed for their lives of gratitude to Jesus. People in our lives should notice that we are living a life of gratitude to our Savior. Our desire should be that others see how we live so we can point them to Jesus.

Reflection: Do people notice that you live a life of gratitude?




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