Grateful People Are Changed People – October 23, 2023 

Monday, October 23rd

Devotional written by Troy Thornton, Development Pastor





To read today:  

… also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out.

Luke 8:2





There are a variety of home “makeover” shows on television. The “before” videos and photos show old, outdated places, often in disrepair. Seeing the results of the transformed space often doesn’t resemble what it looked like before. Lives that the power of the Gospel has truly changed are even more drastic. Many followers of Jesus haven’t been “saved” from a life of crime or destructive lifestyle. However, the change from darkness to light or condemnation to salvation is all the same.

In Luke, the women whom Jesus healed experienced a dramatic change from lives scarred by brokenness. Their walks of life ranged from being a prostitute to an elite socialite. Because of their interactions with Jesus, the change was just as dramatic as the Good News. That change made them extremely grateful, which is the basis of a life lived for Him.

Reflection: Count the ways the power of the Gospel has changed your life.




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