God Meant it For Good – June 6, 2023 

Tuesday, June 6th

Devotional written by Pastor Troy Thornton, Development Pastor




To read today:  Matthew 19:1-12


Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning”.  Matthew 19:8





When the Pharisees asked Jesus why God would allow divorce, He gave them a reason I don’t believe they expected. Jesus’ answer [“because your hearts were hard”] transcends the concept of divorce. He really answers the universal question – “Why do bad things happen?”

Hard hearts equal broken people. Bad things happen because we live in a broken world – we are broken. That brokenness exhibits itself in many ways: lying, cheating, cruelty, and yes, even divorce. However, there is hope. Divorce (or any difficult thing) does not have to define who we are. God wants us to move forward and still wants what is best for us. He wants to restore us and desires that we experience His best. After all, He meant it that way, even from the beginning. God is for you!

Action: Embrace God’s goodness for you.




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