"Even in a far-off country, God’s people are still in his hands" August 13, 2022

Saturday, August 13th

Take5 Devotional today written by Pastor Curtis Johnson


Even in a far-off country, God’s people are still in his hands



Scripture to read today:  Esther 8:5-8


“If it pleases the king,” Esther said, “and if he regards me with favor and thinks it the right thing to do, and if he is pleased with me, let an order be written overruling the dispatches that Haman son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, devised and wrote to destroy the Jews in all the king’s provinces.  For how can I bear to see disaster fall on my people? How can I bear to see the destruction of my family?”  King Xerxes replied to Queen Esther and to Mordecai the Jew, “Because Haman attacked the Jews, I have given his estate to Esther, and they have impaled him on the pole he set up.  Now write another decree in the king’s name in behalf of the Jews as seems best to you, and seal it with the king’s signet ring—for no document written in the king’s name and sealed with his ring can be revoked.” 

Esther 8:5-8



A wonderful website resource, The Bible Project, asks us, When God’s people are in exile, unable to obey the Torah perfectly, and when God seems absent, does this mean God is done with Israel?  Has he abandoned his promises?  The book of Esther says, “No.” 

Throughout the book of Esther, God’s people are being threatened by the Persian authorities who want them gone.  A quick and easy way to gain access to the Jews’ businesses and property is to issue a decree to kill each and every one of them.  Yet once again, God’s Divine providence overrules all things (even an irreversible king’s decree).  Even in a far-off, hostile, and irreligious country, God’s people are still in his hands. 

The Life Application Bible tells us, with God in charge, we can take courage.  He can guide us through the circumstance we face in our lives.  We should expect God to display his power in carrying out his will.  As we unite our life’s purposes to God’s purpose, we benefit from his sovereign care.

Esther’s action, in spite of the great risk, confirmed that God was the source of her security.  The Application Bible asks us, how much of our security lies in our possessions, position, or reputation?  God has not placed you in your present position merely for your own benefit.  He put you there to serve Him and His purposes.  As in Esther’s case, this may involve risking your security.  Are you willing to let God be your ultimate security?




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