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david & debbie frank

Agency — Global Outreach International
Location — Spain
Ministry — NEXT-TO – Christian Camp Ministry

Evangelical believers in Spain today are few – less than 1% of the total population. This country is in serious spiritual need. The Franks have been in Spain for over four decades and have been involved in church planting and Christian camping throughout this time. The mission of the new ministry of NEXT-TO is to serve, encourage and equip Christian camp and church leaders to help build the local church in Spain. NEXT-TO seeks to come alongside and help Christian camps with specific needs as well as to challenge them to look beyond only serving as rental facilities for churches and other ministries.

Training and mentoring are provided in discipleship, leadership, evangelistic camps and mission/vision, strategic planning, and resources, as well as a variety of conferences and events to stimulate, mentor, model and train camps and churches to work together in the effort of evangelism and discipleship. International volunteers (teams and individuals) are also recruited for work teams and summer camp teams to meet needs in various camps around Spain.

NEXT-TO participates in CCI/Spain (Christian Camping Int’l), stimulating and encouraging other Christian camps in Spain as they impact lives. David is also privileged to serve as a member of the board of CCI Worldwide. Pandemic issues have made it imperative to carry out online training, communication, and follow-up at this time.

David shares the Word in their local national church from time to time and they participate in daily online prayer times with the church. Maintaining contact and communication with their neighbors, youth and families is on their hearts and they seek to be an encouragement and challenge to each one. God is at work in Spain!

Contact: davelfrank76@gmail.com



tom & karin middleton

Agency — Novo
Location — Europe/Africa (Reside in Colorado)
Ministry — Church Multiplication & Mission Movements

Though they work around the world, Tom and Karin and their two daughters, Janae and Anika, live just outside the strategic hub of Denver, Colorado.

Tom and Karin contribute to Novo’s overall mission of multiplying movements of the Gospel by finding, developing and catalyzing emerging ministry leaders to start new ministry initiatives in Western Europe, Southern Africa, and North America. Tom serves as the Director of Novo’s Mission Entrepreneurs International, which involves supervising and mentoring mission staff seeking entrepreneurial ministry leaders across Europe, Africa, Asia and the US.


Contact: tom.middleton@crmleaders.org

kelly & michele o'donnell

Agency — Member Care Associate
Location — Geneva/International
Ministry — Member Care for Mission workers and Mental Health as Mission

Kelly and Michèle are consulting psychologists based in Geneva with Member Care Associates (MCA). They are long-term members of Calvary (since 1985) and long-term mission workers sent and supported by Calvary (since 1987). Their work focuses on the wellbeing and effectiveness of mission staff and their organizations, especially those working among unreached people groups. They also connect and contribute to the overlapping health, humanitarian, development, and peace sectors, especially in the areas of global mental health, good practice and ethics, and humanitarian action. Kelly and Michèle serve on a variety of Task Forces and Initiatives, such as the Executive Team for the Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Alliance’Global Integrity Network. They have two wonderful daughters who were born and raised in Europe, and who are now living and working in California (Erin) and doing graduate studies in Europe (Ashling). More information is on their Member Care Associates website (membercare.org) including their monthly resource updates and recent publications/presentations.

Contact: mcaresources@gmail.com


amadeus & sofia vadonis

Agency — New International
Location — Berlin, Germany
Ministry — Evangelism

The ministry of Amadeus and Sofia Vadonis exists to help people get to a vital relationship with God which comes as they believe only through faith in Christ Jesus.

Amadeus preaches the Gospel wherever he gets invited to by a network of churches in and out of Germany. He challenges people to make a decision for Christ, either for the first time or to renew their commitment to Him. Amadeus encourages, mentors and trains them in their walk of faith. He teaches churches to do the same.

Amadeus is not limited to Germany in their ministry as he speaks three languages fluently. He ministers in Germany and Latvia on a regular basis and beyond as God leads him to. By God’s grace, Amadeus has traveled as far as Bolivia to preach the Gospel message and train the next generation of believers in Jesus Christ.

Amadeus and Sofia have been married since 2002 after they met in Berlin at a church plant they both were involved in. They have four wonderful daughters.

Contact: Amadeus@vadonis.de