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To dive deeper daily, check out these Take5, daily devotions, written by Pastor Shawn Thornton. 


This overview of the book of Ephesians gives a helpful look at the themes we see throughout different chapters of the book.

Knowing our identity in Christ is essential for the believer. As Ephesians helps us understand our identity as Christians, we hope this list of 100 identity truths helps you learn more about your identity as a child of God. 

Every week we create curriculum for small groups that follow in tandem with our sermon series. These are helpful for facilitating discussions that take our understanding of the text deeper and encourage personal applications. 


These songs have been chosen as a supplement to our Ephesians series. We hope you sit and ponder the lyrics of these songs and that they point you back to Jesus. 


Interested in diving deeper? Here are 5 commentaries that may help you.