Day 8 – Sunday – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Sunday, March 31st

Devotional written by Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor



  The resurrection of Jesus gives us unstoppable hope!

Read Luke 24:1-12


As dawn breaks on Easter Sunday, we remember the women who first witnessed the empty tomb, a symbol of ultimate victory and unending hope. Just like the stone rolled away, the power of Jesus’ resurrection can move our doubts and fears aside. The women ran, free of doubt and fear, to tell the disciples that Jesus had risen. They came confident of this truth. They knew this hope that had been unleashed was an unstoppable hope.

No matter how hard religious and Roman leaders tried to protect the tomb of Jesus, they could not stop what God had planned before the beginning of time. Jesus was raised. Nothing and no one could stop the resurrection, and nothing and no one can stop the hope unleashed by Jesus for us as His followers.

In our lives, filled with challenges and uncertainties, the message of Easter is a profound reminder that no darkness can withstand the radiant light of Christ’s love and power. No enemy, not even death, can stop Jesus from bringing meaning, purpose, and joy to our daily journey. 

Today, let us embrace the renewal and transformation that comes from believing in Jesus, who conquered the grave so that we might have life abundantly. Let us remind one another that the hope of the resurrection of Jesus is unstoppable!

Heavenly Father, my heart rejoices in the truth that Jesus has risen on this glorious Easter Sunday! In His resurrection, I find the strength to face my trials and the hope to persevere through my struggles. Thank you for the promise of new life and for the assurance that, because He lives, I can face tomorrow with confidence. Help me live daily in the light of His victory over death, carrying the message of His love and grace to those around me. Thank you for the unstoppable hope given to me in the Resurrection of Jesus! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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