Day 7 – Saturday – Buried and Silent

Saturday, March 30th

Devotional written by Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor



In our most silent and uncertain moments, God is working behind the scenes, preparing a dawn we cannot yet see.

Read Matthew 27:57-66


The silence of Saturday rests heavily upon us, mirroring the disciples’ own heartache as Jesus lay in the grave. The authorities seal the tomb and post a guard to ensure no one tampers with or removes the body. All hope is lost. That Saturday is the darkest day in history. It’s a day that speaks to the agony of unanswered questions and the weight of unmet expectations. 

Yet, within this silence, there’s a profound lesson: God’s work is often most potent when it seems most absent. The disciples could not see beyond their grief, much like we struggle to see beyond our trials. But the silence was not emptiness—God was working His greatest miracle without obvious activity or great fanfare. When they least expected that God was at work, He was. 

Let this day remind us that when God seems most silent, He may be preparing His most astounding works. Our faith is not in what we can see but in the One who sees beyond the horizon of our current struggles. Don’t allow the agony of God’s silence to convince you that God is not working. He is. 

Lord, in the stillness of this day, help me to trust in Your unseen work. In the silence that stretches before me, teach me to hear the whispers of Your love and the promise of Your return. Though my heart may be heavy and my eyes unable to see Your plan, I place my hope in You, knowing that the silence is not an absence but a preparation for Your glory. Amen.

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