Day 6 – Friday – The Crucifixion

Friday, March 29th

Devotional written by Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor



  In His final breath, Jesus declares the completion of His work for our redemption; we can’t add anything to what He has done.

Read John 19:17-30


The words “It is Finished” echo through history as a declaration of divine love and sacrifice. In the agony and abandonment, Jesus completes the work His Father sent Him to do, bearing our sins and bridging the chasm between humanity and God. This moment on Golgotha (Calvary) is not just an end but a beginning—of hope, salvation, and an invitation into an everlasting relationship with our Creator.

Even as He hung naked in shame and humiliation, our Savior’s love was unwavering, woven from the fabric of grace that covers us completely. Let us marvel at the depth of His sacrifice. In His suffering, we find our healing; in His death, we find our life.

As we stand at the foot of the cross today, may we be moved not only by the weight of what Jesus endured but by the magnitude of His victory. In His words, “It is Finished,” there is not despair but the promise of resurrection and the assurance that our debts are paid in full.

We can add nothing to what Jesus has completed. No good work, sincerity of heart, or good intention—nothing—can enhance or improve what He did in any way. Truly, it is finished, and we can rest in His completed work for us.

Heavenly Father, as I reflect on the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross, I am humbled by the depth of Your love for me. Thank You for the gift of redemption and the promise of eternal life. Help me to live in the light of Your grace, to carry my cross daily, and to follow Jesus in faith and obedience. May my life be a living reflection of Your love and sacrifice. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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