Day 5 – Thursday – The Last Supper

Thursday, March 28th

Devotional written by Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor



 In the shadows of betrayal and farewell, Jesus establishes a new covenant of grace, inviting us into an unbreakable relationship with Him.

Read Matthew 26:20-35


As we survey the setting this Holy Thursday, we find ourselves at the table with Jesus and His disciples, experiencing the Last Supper. It’s a moment dense with emotion—sorrow, betrayal, but above all, precious promise. Jesus, fully aware of the impending betrayal and suffering, chooses this moment to institute the Lord’s Supper, signifying the new covenant through His body and blood. This act isn’t just a ritual; it’s the inauguration of something precious—a direct invitation into intimacy with God, sealed by the ultimate sacrifice.

As we reflect on this scene, let’s ponder the depth of love and commitment Jesus demonstrates. He knew Judas would betray Him, Peter would deny Him, and yet He broke bread and shared wine, symbolizing His body broken and blood shed for us. In our own betrayals and denials, in the moments we fall short, this scene reminds us of Jesus’ unrelenting grace.

Let this Holy Thursday stir in us a renewal of faith and a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sacrifice. As we reflect on Communion, let’s remember it’s more than a tradition—it’s a reminder of the covenant that offers forgiveness, brings us together in unity, and promises eternal life.

Lord Jesus, as You broke bread and shared the cup with Your disciples, You extended an invitation to all generations, including me, to partake in the divine fellowship. Forgive me for the times I’ve taken Your sacrifice for granted. Help me always remember the price You paid, not just as a historical event, but as the start of something precious in my life—a relationship with You, built on the foundation of Your grace and love. May this understanding deepen my faith and transform how I live each day. Amen.


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