Day 3 – Tuesday – Genuine Fruit

Tuesday, March 26th

Devotional written by Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor



 Your true character and faith matter to God, not merely the outward appearance or pretense of spirituality.

Read Matthew 21:18-22


On this Tuesday of Holy Week, we’re reminded of a peculiar event: Jesus cursing a fig tree. To the casual observer, this act might seem harsh or even puzzling. Yet, at this moment, Jesus teaches us a profound lesson about authenticity and faith.

Like the fig tree that boasted leaves but bore no fruit, it’s easy for us to fall into the trap of appearing spiritually vibrant without the genuine faith and obedience that should accompany such a display. This tree was a living parable, illustrating the danger of a life that looks good on the outside but lacks substance and life-giving faith.

Jesus isn’t seeking followers who merely look the part. He desires those whose hearts are genuinely devoted to Him—people whose faith is as real and nourishing as the fruit that should have been on that fig tree. This message is a call to examine our own lives. Are we producing fruit that can point others to God and glorify Him, or are we settling for a façade of spirituality?

Lord, help me to be authentic in my faith. Let my life bear fruit that honors You, not just outward signs of piety without true devotion. Strengthen my faith so I may believe profoundly and act boldly, trusting in Your power to transform me from the inside out. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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