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Our year-end Christmas offering this year is our first opportunity as a church to give intentionally toward these key outcomes of our 2030 vision. While inflation, gas prices, and other economic factors make this a challenging time to give extra toward the Christmas offering, I know God's got this. I pray that God will financially bless Calvary folks and families and move them to lean in regarding this year's critical Christmas offering. Our God will provide. He provides as He blesses and cares for His people. He provides for us and through us! Merry Christmas!
Pastor Shawn Thornton

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Deliberately Elevating our love for God's word

We live in a cultural moment where biblical literacy has plummeted and reverence for God’s Word has faded. We are also experiencing an information overload in which the volume of voices, opinions, worldviews, and philosophies that are pouring into our hearts and minds has become overwhelming. The combination of these two factors has left many Christ-followers lost, confused, and taken captive by the patterns and practices of this world. Given this, we believe that in the coming years the only followers of Jesus who will remain faithful and fruitful are the ones who deliberately elevate their love for God’s Word. Over the next decade, we believe that God is calling us to be a church that prioritizes equipping and training our people to know and love the Bible!

Dramatically escalate our Christlike compassion

The physical and spiritual needs of our community, our nation, and our world have never been more obvious. Despite the wealth and prosperity in our community and nation, there are countless problems, issues, tensions, and heartaches that the church can and must address. Stepping into these spaces will require all of us to grow in our mercy and grace for the hurting, the confused, the broken and the lost. Over the next decade, we believe that God is calling us to dramatically escalate our Christlike compassion toward the pain of our world!

Decisively empower our next generation

The clear directive for the people of God has always been to communicate the love of God in such a way that “the next generation would know, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children” (Psalm 78:6). When the next generation knows God, they are empowered to reach the world with the message and hope of the Gospel. Until Christ returns, we want to prepare our children and our children’s children to know and share Jesus for generations to come. Over the next decade, we believe God is calling us to decisively empower our next generation to know God’s love and reach the world for Jesus!