Child dedication

Child Dedication

Dedication is a public expression of the fact that a child belongs to God. It is not for the salvation of a child, but a public declaration by you, the parents, to raise your child in the way, truth and life that is found in Jesus Christ. In the midst of this Christian community, you dedicate your child to God, seeking to teach them and model for them a life living and loving like Jesus.

Child Dedications take place at the beginning of services in the worship center during Child Dedication weekends. We will have a Child Dedication rehearsal on the Tuesday before each Child Dedication Weekend.

March 6th & 7th
May 8th & 9th (Mother’s Day Weekend)
July 24th & 25th
November 27th & 28th (Thanksgiving Weekend)

If you have any questions regarding Child Dedication, please email
Elaina White at