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Alistair & shelley croudace

Agency — Lasting Impressions Wilderness Training Center
Location — Zimbabwe
Ministry — Youth and Environmental Awareness

Alistair and Shelley run a Christian Camp called Lasting Impressions Wilderness Training Center. It is located in Zimbabwe, Africa. Their ministry vision is to bring students to a saving knowledge of Christ through the camping ministry. They seek to develop leaders and raise environmental awareness as well as spiritual health. Political and economic difficulties in Zimbabwe have made reliance on the Lord a daily necessity. The dream is to be a place where thousands of young people and adults will learn about Christ and be refreshed, renewed and challenged.

They also host camps for a variety of churches – men and women’s retreats, family camps, and youth camps. These camps work to build up the depth and strength of the local churches of Zimbabwe.

Contact: shelleycroudace@gmail.com

florence lukandWa

Agency — Buyamba and God Cares School
Location — Kampala, Uganda
Ministry — Kabalagala Pentecostal Church

Florence together with her four biological children (Thanks, Worship, Glory and Ezra) are team leaders with different gifts and their mission is to provide for the physical care and needs of the children of Uganda, empowering them through education and discipleship to become contributing citizens who will impact Uganda for Christ. Florence serves as Pastor of Kampalagala Pentecostal Church and also brings leadership and oversight to Africa Forward Christian Ministries, a network of 38 churches in and around Kampala.

Contact: ab4flora@gmail.com 


Today, one child dies every 60 seconds from preventable water-borne diseases. Lifewater is tackling the water crisis through our Vision of a Healthy Village program. We are implementing a strategy that is
bringing district-wide water access, sanitation, and hygiene to underserved rural populations.
Local program staff walk alongside families in each village teaching basic hygiene practices that they can do for themselves. Each household learns to use and store water safely, use a latrine, wash their hands, dry
dishes safely, and keep a clean compound. The progress of each home is monitored by staff and tracked in our real-time database so that everyone has the opportunity to live in a healthy home.
Each village water project includes a new custom-engineered water source designed to provide water for generations. Local leaders are mobilized and trained to form a water committee to manage and maintain
their new water source for sustainable change. Since the launch of the Vision of Healthy Village strategy in 2015 Lifewater has a 100% sustainability rate for water points constructed, largely due to local community participation in their change process.
Along with grassroots work, Lifewater partners with schools, churches, & governments to improve the health & well-being of those in their care.

Calvary is partnering with Lifewater in Uganda on these Vision of a Healthy Village programs:

2018: https://lifewater.org/project/butiita-karokarungi/


2020: https://lifewater.org/project/butangala-biri/