A Delight in God’s Word – September 29, 2023 

Friday, September 29th

Devotional written by Loretta Peña, Executive Director of Adult Ministries




To read today:  Psalm 119:46-48


For I delight in your commands because I love them.

Psalm 119:47





In these verses, the psalmist’s heart overflows with a profound love for God’s commands, and this love propels hIm to boldly proclaim God’s statutes even in the presence of kings.

What a beautiful expression of devotion! The psalmist’s delight in God’s Word is evident. It’s not a dry duty or a burdensome obligation but a genuine joy rooted in love. His heart is so captivated by God’s commands that he eagerly reaches out for them, desiring to meditate on His decrees.

This passage reminds us that our relationship with God’s Word should be characterized by delight, not drudgery. When we truly love God’s commands, they become a source of joy and inspiration in our lives. We are compelled to share them with others, regardless of the audience.

Imagine the impact of such devotion in our lives today. We may not always find ourselves before kings, but in our everyday interactions, we can be ambassadors of God’s Word. Our delight in His commands can shine through our words and actions, drawing others closer to the beauty and truth found in Scripture.

As you reflect on these verses, ask yourself: Do I delight in God’s commands because I love them? Am I eager to share His Word with those around me? May the psalmist’s example inspire us to cultivate a genuine love for God’s Word, one that overflows into a bold proclamation of His statutes in our daily lives.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me cultivate a deep and abiding love for Your Word. May I find true delight in Your commands and let that delight overflow into a bold proclamation of Your truth to those around me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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