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21 days of Prayer

As Easter approaches, we want to encourage you to think about the ONE non-believer you want to invite to an Easter service, whether you will attend in person or watch it together online.

Then over the 21 DAYS leading up to Easter, pray for this ONE person, for ONE minute, ONE time a day.

A Prayer for the Non-believer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for offering me life, love, forgiveness, and hope through Jesus Christ. With a heart of gratitude, I offer this prayer to You; that You would receive my life, my heart, my desires, and my devotions as an offering to You.

I offer ________ to You; I pray You would bring life, hope, blessings, and encouragement into their life today. And I pray that You would use whatever means necessary to turn their heart, their soul and their mind over to Your Son Jesus Christ. May they learn how to trust Your Word, direction, and accept Your forgiveness and salvation in the season to come.

Lord, give me the power and wisdom to represent You with kindness, patience, love, and devotion in all that I do toward this friend and anyone who comes across my path today. I ask this of You in the name of Jesus,